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Rotary Engraving.

You simply can't beat a well placed plaque! We offer a range of deep engraved brass plaques and brass signs, individually made bespoke to your requirements from either 1.2mm or 1.5mm thick brass.


Brass plaques are all over the place and have been for hundreds of years, whether they're for opening ceremonies, information plaques, memorial plaques, commemorative plaques, bench plaques, the list goes on; as do the different styles. We make a lot of plaques and what has become noticeable to us over the last few years is that the traditional brass plaque is still in high demand. We think they're quite hard to beat, with the deep-engraved text paint filled in a nice shiny black (or colour) then mounted on an oak plinth they look beautiful.


We also make stainless steel plaques, the odd aluminium one and a fair few laminate versions, there are plenty of choices. Laminates are often much cheaper than the brass or metal equivalents so there's an option for all budgets. 

Rotary engraving
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