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Premier Laser Cutting Solutions for Industrial Applications

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a versatile and highly efficient method used in various industrial, commercial, and manufacturing settings. One of the primary advantages of laser cutting is that it is completely non-contact, which means we generally don't need to clamp the material down. This minimises the risk of material deformation and speeds up the process.

The "kerf" or beam width in laser cutting is exceptionally narrow, enabling us to cut very thin lines. Unlike traditional methods such as saws, routers, or CNC rotary cutting, laser cutting allows us to place parts much closer together, saving material costs. Our "bleed" or "border" between parts can be less than half a millimetre, and in some cases, we may not need a border at all.

Our advanced laser cutting capabilities are further enhanced by an integrated camera recognition system. Read more about our camera recognition system which allows for highly accurate precision cutting of printed parts. This ensures that each cut is perfectly aligned with your design specifications, making it ideal for intricate and detailed work.

We can cut a wide variety of materials, some up to 30mm thick, and offer custom laser cutting services tailored to your specific needs. This flexibility makes our accurate cutting services suitable for a range of applications, including:

Industrial Manufacturing: Cutting components for machinery, automotive parts, and aerospace applications with high precision and minimal waste.

Commercial Use: Producing signage, decorative elements, and promotional items with intricate designs and fine details.

Electronics: Precision cutting of circuit boards, casings, and other electronic components where accuracy is critical.

Packaging: Creating custom packaging solutions with precise cuts for unique shapes and designs.

Our laser cutting technology ensures that we deliver top-quality results for all your industrial, commercial, and manufacturing needs.

Whether you require single prototypes or large production runs, our laser cutting services offer unmatched precision, efficiency, and material savings.

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