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Laser Cutting.

The laser cutting process is truly amazing to watch! Our lasers are basically cutting with a beam of focused, coherent light to melt, burn or vaporise the material. There is some quantum physics in there somewhere. 

Some advantages of laser cutting are that it is totally non contact, so we generally don't need to clamp the material down. The "Kerf" or beam width is very narrow so it only cuts a very thin line, unlike using saws, routers or cnc rotary cutting. This means we can save money on material by placing the parts much closer together. Our "bleed" or "boarder" between parts can be less than half a millimetre! We sometimes don't need one at all.

We also have an integrated camera recognition system allowing for highly accurate cutting of printed parts.  


We can cut a variety of material, some of which can be up to 30mm thick! 

Laser Cutting
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