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At Javik Laser Ltd, we provide a level of unmatched quality within every project that we have undertaken. That is why we are proud to highlight some of our recent project work including a plaque given to a local hospital based in King's Lynn. Our projects can range from industrial/commercial engraving and marking to promotional laser marking and beyond!


NHS CNC Engraved Plaque


At Javik Laser Ltd, we are immensely proud of the perseverance and dedication shown by all of our front line workers during the pandemic. That is why we decided to honour our local hospital with a 3D CNC engraved plaque which we donated to the hospital during covid. We hope that this piece stands as a testament to the resolve of the NHS for years to come!


Firearm marking & engraving 


Due to changes in the law since we left the EU the gun trade has had to ensure all firearms and antique firearms moving in and out of the country are identifiable with new GB Serial numbers, As laser marking specialists we were approached by a large Norfolk gun dealer to undertake this task. Laser engraving is the fastest, most cost effective and non destructive way of doing this.

Today we engraved around £500,000 worth of antique firearms so they can be on their way to collectors around the world.


University Projects


We have helped several university students with their final projects. They were unable to achieve the results they desired using university equipment so they came to us. Using their designs, we were able to help them produce a finished project they could be proud of!


Memorial plaque


This piece was commissioned by a customer in remembrance of her father and grandfather. The artwork was designed to commemorate the family history of both men, and by liaising with the customer we were able to produce a piece which she decided was ‘perfect’. The plaque was made for a woodland memorial site which means all materials used must be natural and biodegradable. Memorials are something we get asked for quite frequently, and it is always a pleasure to produce something so personal which our customers will cherish for years to come.




We have been asked to inlay or engrave floors for several prestigious hotels, schools and businesses both locally and throughout the country. Our new laser can engrave floor panels up to one metre wide and the software is able to produce both simple text and intricate designs with ease. This is a hard wearing and expressive branding solution.


Hope chest/Toy box


A customer came to us with a chest that he had made for his granddaughter. He wanted it engraved and personalised for her. Working with the quotes he gave us we engraved the box to his specifications. We were all very pleased with how this unique piece turned out.




One of these projects was developed in conjunction with award-winning DJ and production company Jak Ropa. GOBOs are 19mm diameter thin, brass discs which are used to project images onto larger surfaces. All the information needs to be contained within these tiny discs; some text can be as small as 0.1mm. The discs were precision cut so that when placed in the light machine they projected spectacular displays onto local landmarks.


Spitfire cockpit labels


One of our more individual jobs, was when a customer came to us with some Spitfire parts. Due to the scarcity of original labels, he asked us to replicate them using the original fonts to make them look as realistic as possible. We get many odd requests; but this one may just take the top spot.


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