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If you read our first blog you can get a feel for how it started, as a hobby. What happened next was just natural progression, I guess. People started to get to know us and got a feel for what we could do, the question of “Can you……..? became the most frequently asked question. Our reply then (and occasionally is now) was “Dunno! we’ll give it a go and we’ll find out” and so our knowledge and experience grew. Our customer base grew, and we had regular customers that started using us more and more for different jobs. James had meetings in THE SHED with some very well-known companies and brands, it was time to either keep it a hobby and be the “Pleb in a shed” as he puts it, or go all in and make it a full-time business. We decided on the latter.

Fast forward a few years and we’re doing what we set out to do. When we started, we had one laser and a shed, we now run three lasers daily in an industrial unit with staff. We have rotary engravers, design software, bills and VAT (what’s that about!!) Our customer base has continued to grow, we are very pleased and proud of the fact that some of our regular customers have been with us since almost the beginning! As their business grew and diversified, they would still call us up and say, “Can you………?” to which we would reply “Dunno, we’ll give it a go” and we more often than not, we could. Now you may think this isn’t a very scientific approach, but hands on figuring things out helped us enormously, when you can figure out how to do something well with limited tools, you can excel when you’re given the right tools! When we grew financially, we pooled that money back into the business, we now run the best and fastest lasers on the market which gives us the ability to churn out not only work of the highest quality but at competitive prices too.

Stay tuned to the next blog and we’ll show you what lasers can do, what we use, why we use it and what we could do for you.

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