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Anodised aluminium

Rotary and laser engraving on anodised aluminium

Anodised aluminium is one of our favorite materials to work with due to it's versatility.

The anodised layer is produced by immersing the aluminium in an acidic electrolyte bath coupled with an electric current called passivation or anodising. The result is a thin layer of aluminium oxide that makes the metal resistant to chipping or peeling, food-safe, non-toxic and rust-resistant. In addition to giving aluminium better resistance to UV light and corrosion, an anodised layer has a naturally porous surface which is particularly receptive to dyes. This is why there are many blue, black and red anodised aluminium colours. Anodised aluminium is one of the easiest metals to mark and is widely used in various industrial sectors such as aeronautics or automotive, but it can also be found in the electrical components of most household appliances and electrical systems.

There is also a new trend of personalising items thanks to anodised aluminium. Engraving items to make them more more unique, give a message, express a feeling or simply make them prettier, such as thermos and bottles, knife handle, pet tags, telephone cases, computer and tablet casing and more. Anodised aluminium naturally gives a very high contrast when lasered, with no need to add a chemical additive afterwards.

Main sectors:

Promotional items and gifts.

Automotive & Aeronautics.


Identification plates.

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