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Ardent bell brass plaque.

FAQs and Can ya? 

Answering your frequently asked questions.

 We are a prime example of "there's no such thing as a daft question" 

We've done things we didn't think were possible until someone asked if it was.

We will be adding to this page regularly with the "Can Ya" questions we get asked so feel free to send us your Can ya question. 

What happens if you put your finger in it?

Laser annealing a tube.  

How we engrave and paint fill
Powder coated panels. 

Laser cut model plane.

What size things do you engrave?

Brass Gobo on black background.

We can cut and/or engrave tiny through to large objects. Our large laser bed is 1000mm wide but has pass-through doors so larger designs can be engraved by rotating the artwork and the material, we regularly engrave items that are over 3 meters long!

Trotec Speedy 400 machine with passthrough working on a floorboard.
What can be engraved

What can you engrave/cut?

It’s easier to say what can’t be engraved! We cannot cut or engrave vinyl or PVC based items for health and safety reasons - the cyanide gas given off is not very healthy for either staff or the lasers. However, most other materials can be engraved, but some may need an extra process to make the engraving really stand out. We can't cut glass, stone, slate or wood over 10mm thick, however all of these can be engraved. 

Laser cutting acrylic with 3M backing

How much does it cost?

laser sparks! fiber laser marking stainless steel

Very difficult to answer due to the vast amount of possible variations, how big is it, how complex a shape is it, can you supply artwork, how many do you want etc. We have a sample fee of £75 + VAT which in most cases covers a bit of artwork, laser set-up and laser time to supply a sample so you can see what it will look like. Repeat orders are accommodated without the need for artwork fees, and we quote for large jobs on an individual basis.

Laser cut wooden car

What artwork do you need?

Acrylic plague made for the USAF

Laser files can be a bit finicky! there's quite a few "do's and don'ts". The file needs to be in vector format. We can work with bitmap, JPG etc, but these can require converting to vector format for lasering which will incur an artwork fee. However, we have successfully converted shockingly, poor-quality images and hand-drawn scribbles to the imagined final piece. Best thing to do is get in touch and have a chat with one of the team. 

Lasers are capable of incredible detail
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